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Sledding Too Dangerous... Or Too Expensive?

- February 22, 2013

The Iowa House of Representatives has approved a new bill that limits municipal liability in cases of injuries suffered from sledding on city owned and designated property. Republican representative Chip Baltimore propsed the bill that passed 55-45 on February 13th.

While not completely removing a city's liability for injuries suffered on city property, it does include sledding along with skateboarding, in-line skating and bicycling as activities that do not fall under a city's liability.

What that means is for whatever injuries may be sustained while sledding, even if the city is forced to cover their liability for medical costs, you the insured will need coverage in case they do not cover all of your medical expenses.

Over in Illinois, cities are handling the problem differently. In Paxton, Il, lawmakers have decided to do away with their sledding areas entirely! Citing much higher insurance costs in the case of an injury, Kay McCabe, a city official, has ordered the removal of all sledding hills in the city. She understands that people will be dissapointed, but hopes they will accept it over time.

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